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Spectatix - Spectator Booking Systems Spectatix - Spectator Booking Systems Spectatix - Spectator Booking Systems

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Systems software for events management, event staff, participants and spectators

Grow Your Business with Ease

"If you want to increase sales, reduce costs, improve productivity and enjoy feature rich, fast, powerful, events and online booking software, you need Spectatix”

Managing events, events staff, customer and prospect information with related interactions is a breeze with Spectatix. With systems software for online booking and ticketing for all types of events.

Event planning management

No more digging through various spreadsheets, Emails, and databases: Everything you and your colleagues need for events management is stored in one place, accessible from anywhere, with the ability to integrate with websites to post and receive events management info and/or interact with accounts systems. And you can customize Spectatix to work the way you do.

Systems software for events management

• Software to help generate event business

• Newsletter software
• Make your event run smoothly
• Improve organisation & performance
• Enhance client satisfaction & retention
• Access information any time, any where
• Complete Diary, and Task management
• Powerful, easy to use searches & reports
• Access data from your Mobile

• Auto responders for confirmations and reminders 


Improve productivity

Increase bookings

Grow your business

Organise your documents

Manage booking data

Search CVs efficiently

Quickly find contacts

Tie everything together

The systems software is based around AXLR8’s FastTrack CRM system (a fully functional Customer Relationship Management system) and allows events management clients, also events staff, to be profiled, segmented, searched through and allows for historical notes, other information, documents and files to be attached to client records.

Business Management Software

Who is it for? event organisers, anyone who organises events, shows, displays, sports, concerts, events staffing, spectators, security staff , venues, resources, the list of uses for our database software, is endless....

Some examples include..




"Integrated system means only typing things once!

"No more unlinked spreadsheets!!"