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An event staffing management system, successfully used by promotional & experiential staff agencies, security companies, event organisers and companies that need to recruit, skill match, man events and pay  attendant staff. A system to market, automate and organise event staffing company functions, saving  both time and money and to increase sales with powerful marketing tools.

Website integrated staff recruitment module, filtering and cataloguing directly into the database for processing, at user convenience. Combined with event staff performance rating and online portals to save admin time and streamline communications to both staff and clients.

Benefits, to achieve increased sales, lower costs and ease administration, include:

• Staff Database; Contact details, Photos, CVs, ratings, performance history, file attach etc.
• Staff Search (match to task), qualifications, skills, attributes, geographical location, experience etc. Prevents double bookings.
• Staff Payroll Including: role / session / hour / day rate calculate, expenses, fines, authorise, reports, link to accounts systems, Sage etc
• Staff Recruitment & selection tools. Passport and Work permit scans, Licence and SIA expiry tracking, Record tracking (important for Legal compliance)
• Event / Job / Campaign tracking, downloadable briefs & maps, costs, invoicing, P & L functionality, by client, date range, etc
• Staff Portal with profile, details, document scans, photos, bookings, pay history, online event booking, timesheets, reports
• Customer Portal: Book work, track progress, staff profiles, pictures, booking history, post event info, photos, videos, download data etc
• Accounts integration into Sage and other accounting software packages
• Auto confirmations, alerts and warnings (auto responders) e.g. licence expiry, underbookings

• Text or Email notifications
• Marketing for your Events
• Telesales system (outsource telesales or work from home, using in-built CRM)
• Sales pipeline & analytical tools
• Staff Performance management tools
• Single or multiple event organisers
• Single or multiple event locations
• Sending targeted Email Newsletters, announcements, event notifications, confirmations, Cancellations etc
• Transfer Data to and from your website (shows, pricing, announcements, pics etc)
• Powerful Reports and analysis.
• Website integration (recruitment, staff portal etc)
• Online administration from anywhere with Internet (password controlled)
• Mail Merge tool – for event badges, table cards etc

If you have time to read the attached a case study regarding the installation at Broadbase UK, this provides a flavour of how our system helps generate additional sales, significantly reduce staff workloads, rapidly select appropriate staff for events, improve management reporting and enhance the customer  experience.

The Actors centre case study gives a broader perspective of the systems capabilities, including Internet marketing and website integration.

Please feel free to call and and discuss without any obligation any queries you may have. A 10 minute online demonstration (from the comfort of your own desk) would fully showcase the employee software  features, showing you how it has helped other event staffing companies, without taking up too much of your time.

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"So easy to find then allocate, the right staff to jobs"

"Payroll processing now takes minutes, not days!"