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Sports club management system, successfully used by several events organisers and event staff companies. A system to market, automate and organise many of your clubs functions to save time and money, generate additional revenues and to improve communications with powerful marketing and communication tools.

Sports event planning 

Our systems sofware for sports clubs is Web based, so requires zero IT infrastructure spending and provides administration from anywhere with Internet access.

Benefits, to achieve increased sales, lower costs and easier administration, include:

  • Transfer Data to and from your website shows; teams, pricing, announcements, pictures etc, capture membership enquiries
  • Accepts Online Payments (cash/cheque reconciliation too)
  • Members Portal: view account history, upcoming events info, make bookings etc
  • Send Email Newsletters, team selections, fixture lists and details, announcements & event notifications
  • Accounts integration into Sage and other accounting software packages
  • Marketing for Your Events or resources - parties, room hire, coaching
  • Event management tools and reporting
  • Resource booking. Training rooms, coaching, equipment...
  • Single or multiple organisers
  • Single or multiple event locations
  • Sending Email Newsletters, announcements & Notifications
  • Download Data to and from your website (shows, pricing, announcements etc)
  • Staff / Volunteer management system
  • More easily delegate responsibilities to volunteers
  • Powerful Reporting and analysis of event statistics and accounts including alerts for the organisers when new attendees book online, reports of who is booked on the events, and cash account statements to compare with bank statements 
  • Knowledge management, Reports, policies & procedures, H & S, standard form etc
  • Online administration from anywhere in the world (password controlled)
  • Mail Merge tool – for event badges, table cards etc
  • Membership functionality. Subscription models, recurring revenues, auto invoice & chase
  • Telesales system (outsource telesales or work from home, using house CRM) to increase membership or chase outstanding subscriptions
  • Sales pipeline & analytical tools
  • Mail Merge tool – for event badges, table cards etc
  • Powerful Reporting and analysis

Sports booking online 

If you have time, read the case studies page, this provides a flavour of how our system can work for you. The Actors centre case study gives a broader perspective of the systems capabilities, including Internet marketing, website integration and online bookings.

Please feel free to call and and discuss without any obligation any queries you may have. A 10 minute online demonstration (from the comfort of your own desk) would fully showcase the systems features, without taking up too much of your time.

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"Automatic texts and emails confirm bookings or fixtures. Makes communications simple"